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Low Water Conditions

Low Water ConditionDry conditions prevail from November until May. With little rainfalls comes lowered water levels. Residential lakes are typically characterized by grass growing down to the edge of water. By design lakes have a 4:1 slope so that once water levels drop below the grassy area there is exposed bank. For every foot drop of the water level four feet of bank will be exposed. This conditions while ecologically or environmentallly is not a problem is considered by most residents to be aestetically unpleasant and typically they will complain. 

Low Water Condition
The Water Management Division is currently addressed the problem within several of our drainage districts by making interconnects between adjacent basins and purchasing and installing pumps. With these improvements we will be able to better maintain water levels at a more consistant level throughout dry and wet seasons.

Call your homeowner assoications, drainage district, or city. If you live in one of the dependent drainage districts or unincorporated areas not within an independent drainage district call the Broward County Water Management Division: 954-831-0751.