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Water Management

Water and Wastewater ServicesWater ManagementNuisance Algae or Weeds in Canals or Lakes
Nuisance Algae or Weeds

These are few examples of nuisance aquatic weeds that you may find growing your canal or lake.

East Indian hygrophila Alligator weed
Hadrilla Water hyacinth

Photos courtesy of the University of Florida. For more information on aquatic weeds please visit UF IFAS Site. While aquatic plants growing around the fringe of a lake are desirable there are numerous exotic aquatic weeds that can completely grow over a canal or lake. Biological control agents such as these grass carp and herbicides are used to control these weeds.

Small  grass carp
New Recruit 

Large grass carp


Old Soldier

Man spraying excessive aquatic weed growth






Report any observations of excessive aquatic weed growth or debris in your canals or lakes to the appropriate authorities. Please refer back to the Water Management Page to find out what agency has authority for your area. The Water Management Division's phone number is 954-831-0751.