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Other Useful Information

Dead fish or wildlife in or near the water is not a natural conditionm especially in large numbers. Report your observations of dead fish to the Broward County Environmental Response Line at 954-519-1499.​
For dead wildlife, call Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center at 954-359-131-.​Report your observations of dead wildlife to 359-1313.


If you see someone in the act of dumping materials or liquids in or near a canal or lake call your local police department as soon as possible. Otherwise, illegal or questionable dumping should be reported to Broward County Environmental Response Line at 954-519-1499.


CALL 954-765-4062


Fallen trees should be reported, especially if they are in the water. A fallen tree in the water can cause a potential flooding problem in the area if not promptly removed. Call WMD at 954-831-0751 for help determining the appropriate authority to remove the tree.