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Other Useful Information

​Canals and lakes may have been created for the purposes of flood protection and irrigation, but of course, other issues arise around and in the water. 
Here are some sources of help with the most common problems.


Alligators should be reported to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission (FWC) Hotline at 1-866-392-4286.  Callers should provide as much information as possible about the time and location of the sighting.  FWC will assign a reference number and licensed trapper.  If the alligator is successfully located and trapped, it will be harvested.
Call 911 if there is an immediate danger or threat to public health or safety.  

Fish Kill

A fish kill is the sudden and unexpected death of many fish in a short period of time in a particular area.  Many of these events are the natural result of reduced oxygen dissolved in water. This may be due to high temperatures, algae bloom, lake ‘turnover’ or other forms of environmental stress.  Of course, pollution may also be a cause.  
Report fish kills to the Broward County Environmental Response Line at 954-519-1499.

Dead Animals

Nature will take care of the remains of animals within a few days, but sometimes the location or smell can be extremely objectionable.  Report dead wildlife, dogs or cats to Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center at 954-359-1313.

Mosquito Control

To put in a service request call 954-765-4062 or fill out a form at this​ web page:

Illegal Dumping to a Water Body
Rainwater is the only thing which should go into storm drains.  If you see someone in the act of dumping materials or liquids in a storm drain or near a lake or canal, call your local police department as soon as possible.  Take a picture if you can do so safely.  Alternatively, report illegal or questionable dumping to the Broward County Environmental Response Line at 954-519-1499.

Illegal Dumping - Trash

Canal banks sometimes are used for dumping of trash, furniture, appliances, and other large items.  If possible to safely do so, take a picture of the illegal dumping in progress with the vehicle tag identifiable and follow up with a report to the Broward Sheriff’s Office at 954-493-8477 (TIPS). Even if a picture is not possible, witnesses should still report the event for investigation.  
If you see items which have been illegally dumped, please report to local code enforcement.