Water Quality Report
​​Broward County Water and Wastewater Services (WWS) is pleased to present you with its annual Water Quality Report. In 2015, WWS continued its 54-year tradition of providing high quality water to our customers at a reasonable price. This report provides important information about any drinking water contaminants detected and their health effects, the source(s) of water used and the overall water treatment process. Once again, our water quality met or exceeded all standards outlined in the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

In addition to providing high-quality drinking water, WWS continues to look to our long-term future by preserving and responsibly utilizing our community’s resources.

New Electronic Delivery

Pursuant to the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all community water systems must provide its customers with a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), or Water Quality Report, by July 1 each year. Since 1999, WWS has prepared, printed and mailed nearly 50,000 reports per year at an average annual cost of $22,000.
In 2013, the EPA revised the CCR Rule to allow community water systems to provide their CCRs electronically. This new delivery option introduces an efficient way to reach customers and will result in a reduced environmental impact (lessens paper use) and cost savings. Additionally, opportunities to educate the public and increase readership of the CCR are immeasurable. Because an electronic CCR does not require printing or postage costs, more information can be included, information can be updated more frequently and the utility can link to other relevant features of the CCR.
In 2015, WWS began delivering its Water Quality Reports electronically. Customers are now notified by mail of the availability of the annual CCR, with a direct website link. This unique web address, which will directly open to the Water Quality Report, are included in WWS’ June, July and August utility bills.
Those who prefer to receive a paper copy of the Water Quality Report may register by completing the online form or by contacting Customer Service at 954-831-3250.​