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‚ÄčAs we navigate daily life it is important to have resources and outlets available to allow us some moments of calm. We can use these resources for our families and children to alleviate some of the anxiety we are facing. Additional links will be added over the next few weeks as we work through this situation and remain #StrongTogether.

Please note that all sessions provided by the WellBeing Program are available to all employees during personal time or as approved by your supervisor. Many sessions are scheduled during lunch hours and at break times for your convenience. Sessions should not interfere with your regular work responsibilities. Sessions can be scheduled for individual groups of 10 or more at times that are convenient and at the group's request during breaks or after hours.

Stay Home, Get Medications Delivered

Facilitating social distancing through home delivery. As states and local authorities urge people to remain in their homes and social distancing becomes the norm, the benefits of home delivery are now more apparent than ever.
  • Convenience. With free shipping, home delivery enables UHC/ Optum Rx members to receive 90-days supplies of their medications without leaving their residence. Also, OptumRx suites of digital tools help members manage home delivery with ease on their computers or mobile devices.
  • Savings. Depending on plan design, internal OptumRx analysis shows members can expect to save money on each prescription filled via OptumRx home delivery vs. retail. Analysis shows that members who use the most common home delivery plan will typically see savings of at least 17%.
  • Health outcomes for chronic diseases. In a recent study, OptumRx reviewed the top three therapeutic classes: diabetes, hypertension, and statin use. On average, patients have over 20% higher medication adherence when using home delivery vs. 30 day retail. Even when compared against 90 day retail plans, home delivery adherence is still 5.5% higher. 

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