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Lactation Suites

Six Suites Locate​d in the Terminals

The Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) recently installed lactation suites throughout the airport.  Should they prefer a private area, the suites provide nursing mothers with the choice of a quiet space to pump or breastfeed while at the airport. Once inside, mothers can lock the door for privacy.

Key F​​eatures

  • Each suite has a fold down table, perfectly suited for a breast pump.
  • There are two benches to comfortably fit a mom, luggage, additional children, partner, and/or a stroller.
  • The Mamava brand suites are equipped with power outlets to charge a phone, power a breast pump or plug in another mobile device.
  • Interior surfaces are made of high quality Fiberglass and Corian® and are sanitized regularly.
General location of lactation suite

BCAD purchased and installed the units to enhance the customer experience for moms on the move who are looking for privacy in a busy environment. We currently have six suites and will add more if they prove popular. Thank you for choosing Broward County’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.



The suites are locked. To open the suite using an access code, download the Mamava app or call 954-359-1201.
Exterior of lactation suite


1. An ADA unit is located in Concourse A in the ellipse area post security.
2. Concourse C near the security checkpoint pre security.
Terminal 2
3. Between the restrooms across from the CNN Newsstand store post security.

Terminal 3
4. An ADA unit is located post security near the checkpoint by Concourse E.
5. Near the checkpoint by Concourse F post security.
Terminal 4
6. Located post-security in Concourse G just past the Univision store and near the women's restrooms.
Interior of lactation suite