Lactation Suites

​​​​​​​​​​​​Privacy Sui​tes For Nursing Mothers  

There are six lactation suites located across the airport's four terminals that offer nursing mothers the choice of a quiet space to pump or breastfeed while at the airport. Once inside, mothers can lock the door for privacy.​

Key Fea​tures​

  • Each suite has a fold-down table perfectly suited for a breast pump.
  • There are two benches to comfortably fit a mom, luggage, additional children, a partner, and/or a stroller.

  • The Mamava brand suites are equipped with power outlets to charge a phone, power a breast pump, or plugin another mobile device.

  • Interior surfaces are made of high-quality Fiberglass and Corian® and are regularly sanitized.


The suites are kept locked. To receive the access code to open a locked suite, download the Mamava app or call 954-359-1201.


Terminal 1

  • ​Concourse A - An ADA unit is located post-security in Concourse A at the end of the moving walkway (near La Familia Tacos & Tequila).

  • B/C Connector - Post-security in the ​connector walkway leading to Concourse B

Terminal 2

  • ​Concourse D - Post security (near Gate D3)

Terminal 3

  • Concourse E - An ADA unit is located post-security (near Concourse E's Security Checkpoint).
  • Terminals 3 and 4 Connector - Post-security at the entrance of the connector (near Concourse F Security Checkpoint).​

Terminal 4

  • ​​​​​​​Concourse G - Post-security in Concourse G (near Gate G8).

​​​​The lactation suites were added as a new amenity to enhance the customer experience for mothers on the move who are looking for privacy in a busy environment. ​

General location of lactation suite

Interior of lactation suite