Premium Mobility Plan (PREMO)

To support Broward’s continued growth and prosperity, voters approved a one-cent surtax for transportation named the Mobility Advancement Program (MAP) Broward. A goal of MAP Broward is to provide enhanced transit services. In response, Broward County Transit is developing the Premium Mobility Plan or PREMO to define a program of premium transit projects that meets the need of the county and achieves the objectives set forth by MAP Broward.

PREMO: Broward’s Premium Mobility Plan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PREMO is a program of pr​emium transit projects that meets the need of the County and achieves th​e objectives set forth by MAP Broward. PREMO is designed to identify a consistent pipeline of projects using steps that are transparent and repeatable, as well as updated routinely to track progress. PREMO’s goals are as listed below:​

  • ​Improve mobility for all

  • Implement equitable transit solutions

  • Integrate with and serve communities

  • Enhance economic development and ensure financial sustainability

  • Improve safety and security, ensure environmental stewardship​


The inaugural PREMO Plan is expected to be completed in early 2023. Throughout the process, the public is encouraged to review the progress, provide comments and attend meetings and workshops. 

PREMO Schedule