Process and Procedures

Our Simplified Process:

  • A County agency (stakeholder) or CMD Identifies a need and potential Scope of Work
  • CMD then develops the:
    • Preliminary program of requirements
    • Overall project budget
    • Proposed project schedule
    • Assist the stakeholder agency to request Capital funding and obtain approval for the project
    • Once funding is approved, hire qualified architects and engineers through a selection process in accordance with the State of Florida, CCNA statute and County Purchasing processes
    • Manage the complete design process
    • Issue the construction documents out to bid or negotiate the cost with a qualified, selected Managing General Contractor
    • Manage the construction administration process
    • Ensure the successful final completion of the project
    • Grand Opening
    • Resolve warranty or performance issues if encountered​

The process will vary depending on various factors such as, the scope of the work, feasibility studies, site acquisition, estimated construction cost to name but a few. We strive to seek opportunities to expedite the project schedule wherever possible.