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Current Projects

Construction ManagementCurrent ProjectsBroward County Main Library Master Plan
Broward County Main Library Masterplan
Masterplan Animation
Broward County Main Library Plaza Restoration
Main Library Plaza Animation
Main Library Masterplan

The Broward County Main Library’s vision planning, program and masterplan encapsulates the programmatic responses within the Library’s interior as well as the interior’s relationship to the exterior plaza space, Stranahan Park, the Women’s Club and beyond.

The masterplan’s vision treats the block bounded by Broward Boulevard South Andrews Avenue, SE 2nd St. and SE 1ST Avenue as a holistic entity, whilst connecting visually and physically with adjacent key buildings and features.

An Architectural/Engineering (A/E) Consultant Team  assisted the County with analysis of critical programmatic concerns and issues, coordinated vision-based solutions and represented the vision through broadcast quality renderings and visualization of the Library’s long-term goals. 

Concept ideas includes, creating a welcoming environment that embraces the existing textures and finishes and add warmer wood tones, lighting, greenery, color and playful components to soften the existing  concrete and rectilinear edges of the architecture.