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Vision, Values and Goals

The Board of County Commissioners established the following Vision, Values and Goals for Fiscal Year 2018.

  • From our Sawgrass to our Seagrass, a home for everyone seeking a sense of community and an exceptional quality of life, and a destination for visitors from every corner of the globe.
  • A model County, governed in an open and ethical manner, where innovative ideas are encouraged, and public and private sectors work collaboratively to achieve shared goals.
  • A vibrant economy with a diverse, skilled workforce, in a County offering unique advantages that attract all types of businesses to create equitable, countywide prosperity.
  • A sustainable system of world-class intermodal transportation, infrastructure, quality human services, public safety, affordable housing, recreation, arts and culture, complementing and balancing our natural resources and environment.

A. VALUE: Ensuring economic opportunities for Broward’s diverse population and businesses


  1. Attract and retain all types of business, especially high-wage industries that offer employee benefits, through partnerships with the Alliance, chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, CareerSource and any other available avenues.
  2. Increase the economic strength and impact of revenue-generating County enterprises balancing economic, environmental and community needs.
  3. Diversify the local economy, attract industries offering high-wage jobs with benefits while balancing economic, educational, environmental and community needs.
  4. Utilize policies and strategies to create employment opportunities and supports for economically disadvantaged members of the community (e.g., Workforce Investment Program, quality and affordable child care, trainee and internship opportunities tied to Skills Gap Assessment by the Alliance, better collaboration with colleges and universities, and construction projects using small and certified businesses).

B. VALUE: Prominently marketing Broward County as a brand, while increasing public understanding of programs and services


  1. Consistently and effectively market and brand Broward County programs and services, locally and globally, through effective collaboration.
  2. Promote to the public, through effective diversification of mediums and messages, the County’s positive works and efforts to improve the quality of life for all residents.

C. VALUE: Approaching human services collaboratively and compassionately, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable


  1. Effectively advocate for and acquire municipal, state and federal financial support to equitably address health and human services needs of the entire community, through a truly coordinated system of care.
  2. Deliver evidence-based services to the public, and connect customers and their family members, to sustainable support, with special emphasis on financial supports.
  3. Collaborate with public and private partners to find creative, equitable, and responsible solutions to systemic community problems, especially permanent, supportive housing for persons experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.

D. VALUE: Cooperatively delivering an efficient and accessible regional intermodal transportation network


  1. Actively seek through an effective marketing plan, a full penny transportation surtax in 2018 to support a world-class intermodal transportation system including: a robust and reliable transit level of service, rail, intersection reconfiguration, adaptive signalization and congestion relief.
  2. Seek local, state, federal funding and public support for transportation projects that connect to existing transportation corridors, balancing ridership with community redevelopment demands.
  3. Support the development, design and construction of sustainable, multi-modal transportation facilities throughout the County, to meet the demands of residents, travelers and businesses.

E. VALUE: Encouraging investments in renewable energy, sustainable practices and environmental protection


  1. Seek funding for, implement policies and pursue projects promoting the use of alternative energies and sustainable practices.
  2. Proactively lead in the planning, design and construction of projects supporting resilience and climate adaptation, including coordination with other entities to foster resilient design as part of local and regional projects, especially shore protection efforts.
  3. Increase water quality protection efforts and lead creative approaches to water storage and aquifer recharge, as well as diversification of water supplies regionally.
  4. Educate the public about the fragile South Florida ecosystems, impacts of severe weather, sea level rise and climate change, with special emphasis on the coral reef ecosystem.
  5. Support and seek local, state and federal funds for coastal management of coral reefs through collaboration with other governmental jurisdictions.

F. VALUE: Cultivating community culture, arts, recreation and life-long learning


  1. Provide diverse artistic, cultural, educational and historical amenities and programs that contribute to a vibrant, multi-cultural and economically-viable community, including an annual signature event.
  2. Improve access to business development, educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities and amenities to the economically disadvantaged.
  3. In coordination with our community partners, market and deliver world-class recreational opportunities.
  4. Enhance funding for Library programs and various life-long-learning opportunities for our residents and visitors.

G. VALUE: Offering sustainable, compatible, innovative housing options for all income levels, including integrated, permanent supportive housing


  1. Facilitate a regional approach to growth and redevelopment through coordination and collaboration at the federal, state and local levels.
  2. Increase the availability of affordable housing of all types countywide, in every community using effective, uniform criteria, policies and strategies.
  3. Identify affordable workforce housing funding, to include a local, dedicated source of revenue.
  4. Develop, through municipal collaboration, neighborhoods and communities connecting affordable housing to reliable, accessible modes of transportation.
  5. Promote housing and community redevelopment that integrates energy efficiency, community resilience and other livability standards and initiatives.

H. VALUE: Consistently delivering responsive, efficient, quality services to the public and internal customers


  1. Create a system of expectation and accountability across the institution that assures effective communication, continuous performance review and improvement.
  2. Offer effective mandatory and optional coursework, addressing the lines of business and needs of the entire organization.
  3. Grounded in the intrinsic value of quality Public Service, respond to every customer, internal or external, expeditiously, thoroughly and professionally.
  4. Build into every process and service effective checks and balances that do not cause inefficiency, but rather ensure consistency, continuity, and quality.