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Court Employee Information
Visit this webpage often.  It serves as an employee resource for timely and important information. Read the latest employee announcements or posts including instructions/updates during an emergency situation. You can also find the West Wing Employee Reference Guide, useful for parking information, frequently asked questions, helpful information about security screening and well-being tips. And be sure to follow us on Twitter​ for breaking news.

Security Screenin​g

Everyone who enters the Courthouse is required to go through security screening. To facilitate faster screening, there are separate screening lanes for Courthouse employees and attorneys. You must have and wear your ID badge to enter the building, and should wear it throughout the workday. Report lost IDs to your Agency Representative. There is a fee to replace lost access cards.

Security Trai​ning

Building security is extensive, but employees must also share in the responsibility for security by being personally prepared for the unexpected. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has created four online tutorials to help employees ensure a more secure workplace. These courses are accredited, therefore you must be registered with an assigned Federal Student Identification Number​ to complete them. 

Employees are also encouraged the view the following non-credit video from FEMA:

​​​​​All Courts employees must be aware of their role and expected response in an emergency.

Building Evacuati​on

  • Each Courts employee is provided with a copy of their building’s Evacuation Policy. In addition, there is an Evacuation Plan posted on each floor of each Court facility. Be sure you are familiar with the evacuation routes for the areas of the building(s) you frequent.
  • In case of an emergency, exit the building immediately. Do not use elevators. Locate the nearest emergency exit and follow the exit signs.
  • Direct questions about your building’s Evacuation Plan to your Agency Representative.