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What you can expect

  • Demolition begins sometime after asbestos is removed. The project will take approximately 6 months to complete.
  • Work hours are from 8AM – 7PM.
  • Demolition begins with the interior of the building and will be conducted in a “piece-by-piece,” “bite-by-bite” manner.
  • A new 500-car parking garage and public plaza will be constructed on the site.
  • It’ll be noisy. Bobcats, impact hammers and other equipment will be used to conduct the structural demolition. Noise from these activities maybe heard over the entire Courthouse Complex. 
  • ​It’ll be dirty and dusty.  But the work areas will be hosed down to minimize dust.
  • NO ASBESTOS will be contained in the dust.  
  • Demolition debris will be removed from the site by large dump trucks. 
  • Traffic barricades will be re-installed on 6th Street.
  • All truck traffic will enter on 6th Street and exit through Courthouse Drive during abatement and demolition.​