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Environmental Approval Required: An Environmental Review Approval is required prior to the issuance of a building permit by the County or any municipal building department.
Permit: Environmental Resource
A license is required prior to work in, on, under or over wetlands or surface waters throughout the entire County. 

Environmental Resource License (ERL)

Environmental Resource Permit (ERP)

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Audiences: Contractor; Design Professional; Homeowner; Small Business
Keywords: ERL; Aquatic Resources; Dredge; Dredge and Fill; Docks; Fill; Boatlifts; Mangrove Trimming; Seawalls; Surface Water; Wetlands; lake; pond; mitigation; dredging; Canal; pilings; dry stack; New slips; excavation; Filling; Seagrass; Submerged vegetation; Marina; Reconfiguration; Site development