May Is Employee Health and Fitness Month

May is about focusing on your overall health and fitness. Several holidays, including Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day, take place in May and many families start planning their summer vacations.

This is an excellent opportunity for those traveling this summer to have your Frontier Medex Travel Assist card on hand. Enrollment is not required since this benefit is included in the County’s Group Life Insurance coverage. All benefit eligible employees are provided basic life insurance and their families are automatically covered for this service, which includes pre-trip assistance, travel assistance and personal security services. For more information regarding Frontier Medex and Life Insurance, visit the Benefits page.

If you aren’t planning a trip, pull out your sneakers and gym clothes. When we feel flustered or stressed, we often go to our food cravings, like cookies or ice cream. Instead, we should focus on physical activities. Don’t wait for the elevator, take the stairs. Incorporate walks into your daily routine.

This month, Employee Benefit Services has some exciting, no-sweat events scheduled throughout the County. We have yoga sessions and sit-to-be-fit-classes, along with an exciting new exercise, Hard Core Abs. These classes are scheduled at different locations, including the Governmental Center and Aviation. Visit the MyWellness page for more information.

New Wellness Resources Center: Traffic Engineering

Ronny Tabora
Traffic Engineering’s Ronny Tabora shows off his new pedometer.
March marked the launch of Broward County’s 12th On-site Wellness program at Traffic Engineering, which includes a LifeClinic health station, two weight scales and active participation in the “Biggest Winner Challenge.” Employee Benefit Services looks forward to continued growth in participation which results in a positive impact on our employees.

Olympic Gold Medalist Howard Davis, Jr.
Visits Transit

Ray Soto, Paul O'Donnell
(l-r) Ray Soto, Paul O'Donnell,
Lisa Wright, Howard Davis Jr.,
Charies Pascoe and Willie Bryant.
Last month, 1976 Boxing Lightweight Olympic Gold medalist, Howard Davis Jr., once again volunteered his expertise and time to meet with staff at Transit’s Copans facility to share his insights into health and wellness, achieving goals and just good life skills. Davis’ achievement in the boxing ring has transitioned into a career of public speaking and motivation, uniquely qualifying him to engage and guide others to achieve health and wellness goals.

Davis left staff with these words of wisdom: “If you are depressed or angry, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

Wellness Tip: Keeping Stress under Control

Spending just a few minutes each day in a tension/stress relieving activity pays off with a stronger immune system, an improved outlook and more energy. Doing a quick stretch or a walk can eliminate the stress.