Counterfeit Websites

Counterfeit Websites
For many of us with busy schedules, shopping online allows us to find the product we want from the comfort of our homes. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have created their own websites that appear to be legitimate. These sites sell counterfeit or defective goods, or simply never deliver the product at all.

How does this happen?

Here’s an example of how it works:

More than likely, the cybercriminal has copied the site of a legitimate vendor and posted it under a new domain name which they control. The items they deliver are counterfeit, stolen, used, defective or never sent. They charge you and pocket the money. Since cybercriminals move around the Internet, it is very difficult for law enforcement to track them down.

How to Protect Yourself

You can stay safe by following these simple steps when shopping on the Internet:

Source: SANS Ouch August 2012