Go Green Goal

Broward County's Go Green goal directly support the County's vision and mission with a focus on the triple bottom line of sustainability: community, economy and the environment. Go Green projects and programs enable agencies to deliver services effectively and efficiently, meeting the needs of current and future residents, businesses, and visitors, while minimizing our environmental footprint and working to enhance the sustainability of our natural resources and the environment. Go Green efforts demonstrate the county's commitment to the overall well-being of our local and global society.

Go Green projects and programs must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Integrates the triple bottom line in business plans.
  • Supports environmental and climate justice initiatives.
  • Uses natural resources efficiently.
  • Reduces waste and promotes zero-waste.
  • Prevents and decreases pollution.
  • Increases renewable sources of energy.
  • Restores landscapes and promotes community greening.
  • Promotes energy efficiency and conservation, especially through innovation.
  • Increases the recycled content of materials.
  • Supports green markets and green jobs.
  • Supports community resilience to climate impacts.
  • Implements the County's Climate Change Action Plan.
  • Fosters community engagement and communications in Go Green efforts
  • Creates processes and programs that further sustainability in government operations.
  • Increases the use sustainable products and reduces single-use plastics.
  • Decreases the County's overall environmental footprint. ​