Residential Irrigation Rebate Program

​​​​​​​​​​Residential Irrigation Rebate Program (RIRP) is ongoing.

Program application is live.

Four rebate options to achieve an efficient and digital, weather-based irrigation system.

sprinkler.jpg "In the Zones": a solution to imbalanced irrigation areas that mix spray heads and rotor heads. This upgrade rebates the replacement of sprays with multi-stream nozzles and pressure regulating sprinkler (PRS) bodies or adding sprays/rotors to zones to eliminate head mixing and improve efficiency. Using PRS bodies is mandatory.  (up to $300)
timer.jpg Gear.jpg "Get Smart":  Bring any mechanical wheel/pins timer into the Wi-Fi age with this upgrade that rebates new solenoid valves (control zones individually) and an EPA WaterSense-labeled weather-based (smart) irrigation controller. System design must meet special criteria. 
(up to $500)
timer.jpg "VIP Upgrade":  Already have a digital irrigation controller with solenoid valves? Take the next step toward cutting edge irriga​tion technology and add an EPA WaterSense-labeled weather-based irrigation controller. System design must meet special criteria.  (up to $200)
timer.jpgsprinkler.jpg "Mix and Match": Correct mixed head zones AND install an EPA WaterSense-labeled, weather-based irrigation controller with electric valves.  (up to $600)

Am I eligible?

  • Must have a working irrigation system
  • Must live in a participating water provider service area (check eligibility map)
  • Must irrigate with metered, City water (not lakes, canals, or wells)

If you are eligible!  APPLY HERE

Initial site visit includes:

  • Free on-site irrigation evaluation with follow up report
  • Free water conservation tool kit
  • Sustainable landscape program information


  • Each participaing water provider has purchased a limited number of rebates  for their customer base (from 7 to 19).  When funds are exhausted, applicants from that provider area will be moved to waiting list only.  Where applicant interest is strong, this can happen quickly.
  • APPLY HERE and answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. Once your eligible application is received and reviewed, NIS staff will contact you to schedule the initial system evaluation.
  • The initial evaluation establishes the type, size, and "fitness" of your current system.  A 70% or better score on the program Fitness Test is necessary to proceed in the program.  (If you know your system is in extreme disrepair, consider performing light maintenance before applying).
  • You must be present​ during the initial system evaluation during which you will learn what rebate option you qualify for and the next steps in the process.
  • Following the initial site visit, your evaluation report is emailed to you detailing your rebate option, required system upgrades and other system efficiency recommendations.
  • After the initial site visit, qualifying applicants have a 10-day "intent window" to engage vendors and consider upgrade estimates.  The program provides a vendor list/vendor resources to facilitate this process.  Within the 10-day deadline you must confirm your commitment to continue with the program.
  • Irrigation upgrades must be performed by a licensed vendor within 60 days of the initial system evaluation.  For best results, prior to initiating upgrades submit a copy of any work proposal to NIS staff to confirm parts and design meet your rebate option requirements.
  • After installation is complete, NIS staff will visit again to confirm proper equipment installation, document the work, and collect your paid invoice/receipt.
  • Your rebate arrives by mail within 60 days of installation confirmation.