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Coronavirus Updates

The campgrounds at C.B. Smith Park, Easterlin, Markham, and Topeekeegee Yugnee (T.Y.) parks have reopened with limited availability. 
The campground at Quiet Waters Park remains closed at this time.
Please follow these rules:

  • Camping reservations can be made by phone only. Call the office of the park where you are interested in camping.
  • Please electronically sign the attached COVID-19 Waiver and email to the campground you are visiting. 
  • Restroom and shower facilities will remain closed.
  • Camping units must have full hookups. No tents, primitive camping, or camping units without their own restroom facilities. 

Camping remains one of the top outdoor vacation activities in America. So says the Outdoor Foundation, which reports that an average of 40 million Americans go camping annually, or roughly 14 percent of the population. Considering that these numbers have stayed relatively stable for a number of years, they represent a lot of happy campers.