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Oversight Board Workshop
August 13th and 14th
Oversight Board Workshop
August 13th and 14th
Transportation Update

NOTE: New Projects in Your City maps coming soon!

County staff is currently working on a collaborative 5-year Plan due August 2020 to the Independent Transportation Surtax Oversight Board. The Plan will include public engagement opportunities around large projects.

5-year Plan Municipal Presentation August 6th

5-year Plan Proposed Municipal Projects 

At the June 18th Broward County Commission meeting, the Board approved funding for additional FY2020 County Public Works projects in the amount of $24.5M, and the very first cycle of municipal projects. Action allows 97 municipal-requested capital projects in the amount of $65.7M and 40 municipal-requested rehabilitation & maintenance projects in the amount of $55.5M for a total of $121.2M to municipalities, in addition to $19.2M for full funding of 18 municipal Community Shuttles.

These transportation surtax funded projects will help stimulate our local economy and mitigate impacts of COVID-19. This entails building a foundation through mobility advancement and the creation of direct, indirect and induced jobs. Keeping these revenues local by investing in small businesses, countywide regional projects and municipal projects, is our priority.

In addition, roadway improvements such as fiber optic installations, traffic signal upgrades and synchronization, lighting and drainage projects, plus numerous transportation-related studies, Broward County Transit service enhancements, and data and technology research are in full swing.

Below is a sampling of transportation-related projects underway.

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