RCAP 3.0
The Regional Climate Change Plan (RCAP 3.0)

​​​​​​The Southeast Florida Climate Chance Compact ​​has published the latest Iteration of the Regional Climate Change Plan (RCAP 3.0), which offers updated guidance and support to accelerate local and regional climate action in Southeast Florida and beyond​.

Developed with the guidance of more than 150 subject matter experts, including community members and stakeholders, the RCAP 3.0 provides updated guidance to support the implementation and acceleration of local and regional climate action in Southeast Florida.

While the RCAP is designed for the Southeast Florida region, it is a comprehensive tool that can be applied to similar regions and ecosystems to promote and realize a healthy, prosperous, more equitable and resilient future, shared and shaped by all.

The newest iteration of the RCAP was unveiled during Southeast Florida's 14th Annual Climate Leadership Summit, which was hosted in 2022 by Broward County.

“This is the most comprehensive and ambitious RCAP developed to date. It is our hope that this plan will serve as a foundational resource for the broad range of partners and stakeholders across the region who are integral to climate change action and foster accelerated, coordinated progress. Our collective success will require a host of partners taking part in the RCAP's implementation."

Ph.D., Chief Resilience Officer​​​, Broward County

​The RCAP outlines goals, recommendations and supporting strategies across 11 focal areas to advance the objectives of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and of strengthening the adaptive capacity and climate resilience of communities, institutions and relevant economies.​

To learn more about the RCAP 3.0 visit: https://southeastfloridaclimatecompact.org/