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​​​Broward's Resilient Approach



Resilience Stories

Broward County employees tell us how a change in personal lifestyle can make a huge difference to health and happiness, and how little changes can make a big difference to the environment if taken up by enough people.

​Commuting in Style
Broward County Office of Public Communications' Assistant Director Gregory Meyer explains why he chose to park the car and take the train.​ Read More >  

​Changing Up to a Vegan Lifestyle
Amber Harper, Administrative Coordinator for Broward's Regional Emergency Services and Communications Department shares how she started her journey to veganism.Read More >​

Broward County to Launch County-wide Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan

The County's Resilient Environment Department is proud to announce a two-year countywide planning effort focused on building community resilience to the impacts of climate change predicted over the next half-century, with a primary focus on flood and heat mitigation. 


Resilient Florida Grants awarded in 2022

Broward County and local municipalities will receive a combined $78 million in grant funds for resilient infrastructure improvement projects. This funding was made available through the Resilient Florida Grant Program


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Resilience Investment Planning

Broward County is looking towards the next fifty years and planning for future conditions predicted as a result of climate change, specifically the impacts of sea level rise with an emphasis on planning and design requirements for development, redevelopment, and investments in infrastructure. As communities are faced with increasingly frequent and severe climate-related impacts, there is a growing appreciation that investments in resilient infrastructure are key to reducing risk, protecting public safety, and stimulating the economy. ​​