Environmental Conditions

Residents in Broward County experience occasional flooding from either rainfall or high tide events. In recent years, increasing flood risks are being accounted for, as a result of sea level rise and other potential climate impacts. Current and future flood conditions are being modeled to evaluate our Flood Protection System’s adaptation and mitigation needs.  Learn how to do your part too!

Broward County monitors drought conditions and has defined emergency operational procedures, in coordination with the SFWMD, to minimize salinity intrusion and additional impacts over water supply in water deficit years.  Learn how to do your part and support year-round water conservation efforts. 

Broward County is investing in science-based approaches to assess current and future conditions driven by climate change, including sea level rise, and the impacts on our water supply and flood protection system. Our water resources assessment program focuses its Climate Resilience Modeling efforts on the development of the Future Conditions Map Series, in conjunction with saltwater intrusion monitoring, alternative water supplies strategies, and flood risk simulations.​​ 

Broward County’s water resources assessment efforts help to evaluate the status of the county’s water resources to ensure threats of climate change, pollution, or over use are mitigated and our primary water supplies sources – the Biscayne Aquifer – remains sustainable. The program also explores the feasibility of alternative water resources such as use of the Floridan Aquifer, and monitors regional initiative such as the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) and its components that are will affect Broward County such as the Central Everglades Planning Project and Broward County Water Preserve Areas.​​​​