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Success Stories

Veterans Services serve more than 2,500 veterans and their families each year. Our collective efforts resulted in the award of more than $12 million in benefit claims from the Veterans Administration in 2019. Let us go to work for you. Here are a few success stories:

100-Year-Old Veteran Remains in Own Home
Mr. J was unable to pay for 24-hour, in-home care that would allow him to remain in his own home. He was facing the prospect of placement in a nursing home when a Broward County Veterans Services Officer facilitated full benefits, including an $18,000 retroactive payment, within 40 days of his application. Today, Mr. J is happy and thriving in his own home.

Vietnam War Veteran Gets Disability
Due to his worsening condition, John was unable to work. A Broward County Veterans Services Officer assisted him in obtaining 100 percent permanent disability benefits, 100 percent property tax exemption, medical care and insurance, along with educational benefits for John, his wife and two children.

Veteran Avoids Homelessness
Albert, a 64-year old Vietnam War Veteran, was facing homelessness after the Veterans Administration requested repayment of $9,472 in alleged overpayments and began garnishing 35 percent of his monthly Social Security/Disability benefits. A Broward County Veterans Service Officer facilitated a waiver of the repayment, restored Albert’s monthly Veterans Administration benefit, and obtained a monthly increase to that benefit.