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About Us

​​​​​​The Water Resources Section of the Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division coordinates with federal, state, regional and local agencies on Broward County’s water resource planning, regulatory and policy issues related to local water supply planning, regional water resource management efforts, future conditions affecting water resources, and Everglades restoration projects.

Our Mission

 The Water Resources Section’s mission is to: 

  • To preserve, protect and enhance the County water resources through policy recommendations and advocacy;
  • To develop and coordinate the implementation of the Countywide Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP) and associated policies and projects;
  • To evaluate current and future water supplies and environmental standards designed to protect surface and groundwater quality; 
  • To assess future conditions driven by climate change, including sea level rise, that impact the County water resources and their implications on flood and drought events;
  • To promote environmental stewardship and water conservation initiatives that fulfill the Board's vision of "encouraging investments in renewable energy, sustainable practices and environmental protection."

Our Program Areas

  1. Water Policy and Planning 
  2. Water Resource Assessments 
  3. Water Use Efficiency 

Staff Email Addresses​ and Phone Numbers

Gregory Mount - Water Resources Manager  954-519-0356

Sara Forelle - Water Planning Program Manager 954-357-6635
Vacant - Broward Water Partnership 954-519-1222
Rose Bechard Butman​ - NatureScape Broward Outreach Coordinator 954-519-0317 
Kimberly MayoBroward Water Partnership, NatureScape Broward 954-519-1470
Vacant -  ​NatureScape Water Conservation Specialist 954-519-1462
Victor Suarez - NatureScape Education Specialist 954-519-1239
Vacant - Water Conservation Manager
Jeff Deloian - NatureScape Irrigation Service 954-519-1273
Michael Gutierrez - NatureScape Irrigation Service 954-519-1258
Vacant - NatureScape Irrigation Service 954-519-0358
Vacant - Water Resources Assessment Program Manager
Katie Lelis​ - Water Resources GIS Analyst 954-519-1294