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Drought Conditions

​​Although Florida’s rainfall totals are in the top 5 of US states, and Broward receives, in average, more rainfall than the State, the County’s storage capacity is limited. As a result, when drought conditions occur we can be significantly affected.


Most of Broward’s water supply is from groundwater withdrawals of the Biscayne Aquifer. This source of drinking water is primarily recharged through local rainfall with additional recharge coming from seepage from the neighboring Everglades. When drought conditions intensify, and the water supply is threatened, the SFWMD may declare water shortages and reduce agricultural and residential irrigation allowances. Broward currently only allows for two days of residential land irrigation per week. 


The County has programs to encourage year-round water conservation to help residents and the community save water through smart outdoor and indoor practices. Broward is also working to develop and implement alternative water supply projects. ​

For the latest water shortage reports and drought monitoring activity, please request a copy of our Water Conditions Summary (April 2017)

​​​Things you can do to help:

Irrigation Restrictions

Indoor Water Conservation

Florida Friendly Landscapes