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School Partnership

Environmental Partnership

In an effort to support environmental education in Broward County the EPCRD and the Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) have partnered for over 12 years to provide a wide range of initiatives to education our students about environmental stewardship, sustainability, climate change and water resources. 

Youth Learning

  • ​Classroom presentations and campus tours: Each year our educators give classroom presentations for thousands of students, as well as campus tours.

  • Global Scholars: NatureScape staff works with teachers and students to provide guidance related to each year's theme and corresponding action project.
  • Youth Climate Summit: Annual event focused on sustainability, climate change, sea-level rise and other topics.
  • Schoolyard Enhancement: Over 200 butterfly, fruit and learning gardens have been installed on campuses with students. Working with the all of our school partners and the first National Wildlife Federation (NWF) BCPS became the first Certified School District in the country.

  • Water Matters Day: Our annual event, which attracts approximately 4,000 people at TreeTops Park, includes opportunities for students to win the annual essay contest and/or volunteer for school credit. 

  • March - June 2020: NatureScape staff is providing distance and remote learning resources, videos, conferences and other tools to supplement curriculum. 

Tools and Training

  • Irrigation evaluations: Over 600 irrigation evaluations have been completed at 285 schools, resulting in annual savings of $923,000 and over 382 million gallons per year. Additionally, installation of soil sensors and smart controllers provided by a SFWMD grant.

  • Teacher Trainings: Over 750 teachers have attended our NatureScape one-day trainings, and NWF Habitat Steward trainings.

  • ​Custodial Training: NatureScape provides hands-on facilities personnel trainings on outdoor and indoor water conservation techniques. we have trianed over 1,000 school staff.​

  • Water Audits: NatureScape staff performs water audits at mulitiple schools throughout the district. We have identified potential annual savings of over $550,000 and savings of over 25 million gallons per year.

  • How Low Can You Go Energy and Water Challenge: EPCRD partners with BCPS in the How Low Challenge, which is in its 6th Annual Miami Heat Challenge and expanded to all Florida K-12 schools. The cost savings in energy over the 4 years is $449,619, with kWh 4,517,751 reduced. It began a water reduction element in 2016-2017 school year with a water savings of 3 million gallons.​

EPCRD is continually exploring opportunities for new curriculum, programs, tools, and trainings to offer to students, teachers and staff to improve programming to the school community.​

P3 Eco-Challenge 


As part of the partnership, the P3 Eco-Challenge is held each school year to recognize the implementation of sustainability efforts within the schools and their communities. Outstanding BCPS environmental stewards are celebrated at the Annual P3 (Preserving Our Planet for Posterity) Eco-Challenge Awards Ceremony. 

(Note: 2020 P3 Eco-Challenge and award ceremony cancelled.)


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