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TAC Members



Mike Bailey
Utility Department Director, Cooper City

Jim Molaschi
City of Cooper City

Albert J. Carbon III, P.E. (Chair)
Public Works Director, City of Oakland Park 

​Mark Collins
Public Works Director, City of Margate

Steve Urich
Interim Director Utilities Department, City of Plantation

Sara Forelle
Planning and Redevelopment Division 
Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department


Harold Aiken,
Consulting Engineer, Nova Consulting

Patrick Davis
AWWA Representative

Jim Cowgill

Kevin Hart (co-chair)
District Director, South Broward Drainage District
At-Large Member

Tim Welch
Director of Utilities, City of Sunrise

Stephen Holmes
Environmental Representative

Barry Heimlich
Environmental Representative

Alan W. Garcia
Director, Broward County Water and Wastewater Services

John Crouse, P.E.
Director, Broward County Water and Wastewater Services 
Water Management Division

Doug Bell
Florida Engineering Society

Randy Brown
Utilities Director, City of Pompano Beach

Steve Urich
Assistant Director of Utilities, City of Plantation

Renuka Bajnath
At-Large Member

Stephanie Pearson
At-Large Member

Pat O'Quinn
Drainage District Representative, Old Plantation Water Control District

Jose Lopez
At-Large Member

Lisa Milenkovic
School Board of Broward County


Mike Crowley
District Manager, Central Broward Water Control District

Dr. Jennifer Jurado
Director, Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division


Dave Markward
At-Large Member

Pete Kwiatkowski
South Florida Water Management District

​Talal Abi-Karam, P.E., PMP, CCM, CCE, CGC, CUC, CI
Assistant Public Works Director,  Utilities, City of Fort Lauderdale
​Leny Huaman
Broward County Planning Council