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Water Resources Task Force


Broward Resources Task Force Report, 2010 (pdf, 13 mb)

The Broward Water Resources Task Force was convened by resolutions (PDF) of the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, Broward League of Cities, and South Florida Water Management District, in September 2008.  The 15-member Task Force is provided technical support by 21 appointed Technical Team members including water managers, utility directors and business interests.

Purpose: The Broward Water Resources Task Force purpose is to bring together municipal, county and state officials to evaluate potential regional and sub-regional strategies for meeting the County's water supply needs and water conservation goals.

Mission: The mission of this task force is to work collaboratively to identify and evaluate potential regional and sub-regional water supply strategies and solutions of appropriate water quality to meet county-wide future water resource needs and water conservation goals, and to meet the objectives of the enabling resolutions. 

The Task Force meets to discuss such issues as:

  • Regional Water Supply Planning
  • Regional Water Reuse
  • Alternative Water Supply
  • Ocean Outfall Requirements
  • Advanced Water Conservation Initiatives
  • Review of Water Quality and Modeling Results
  • Other Water Supply Options for Making Adequate Water Available in the Future

The Final Water Resources Task Force Report (PDF) was approved by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners on September 14, 2010.​