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Water Policy and Planning

​​​​​​Water Advisory ​Board

The 15-member Broward Water Advisory Board’s purpose is to advise and make recommendations to the Broward County Board of Commissioners in matters relating to the development, use and management of water resources within Broward County. Its Technical Advisory Board, composed of 26 members, provide technical expertise from a diverse group of water managers, local and state agencies, and environmental, academic, and business interests.​

Integrated Water Resources Plan​ 

Broward’s County-wide IWRP focuses on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of water management through coordination of sources and users as an integral part of a long-term conservation, management, and supply strategy responsive to human and natural resource needs and changing conditions. 

Implementation of Broward’s Integrated Water Resources Plan is supported, in part, by the IWRP Grant process, which funds the design, feasibility and construction of water management projects that advance Broward County's urban water resource management strategies. 

Catered to community leaders, elected officials, and corporate executives, the Water Academy serves as your way to learn about the latest and most relevant water related topics, to ensure consistent and careful planning across all municipalities and sectors.