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Conservation Pays

 December 2018

It’s Manatee Season!


November 15th marked the beginning of manatee season which runs through March 31st. As temperatures drop, manatees begin moving south toward warm-water refuges. At the same time, seasonal speed limits and manatee protection zones go into effect throughout the State. Broward County cautions boaters to be on the lookout for greater numbers of manatees throughout the County’s waterways. During one manatee season, more than 1,200 manatees were documented in the County’s waterways on a single day.

The award-winning “I SPY A MANATEE” Mobile App is available for both Android and Apple devices. Users are encouraged to submit photos and report sightings to help report locations and manatee characteristics (physical scars, activity, calves, etc.). You can also view a map of the County’s waterways with State-regulated Manatee Protection and Boating Safety zones. Links to download the free app can be found here.

Rebates ... and $5,000 CASH?!


That’s right! We want to reward you for saving water. So, we continue to give $100 rebates for replacing old toilets with high efficiency models. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, apply now!

If you have already received a rebate, but want to learn more about saving water and the environment, Play Conservation Pays and Win! Beginning in February, we have hundreds of prizes to give away for doing quests, quizzes and more. Prizes include iPad minis, Instant Pots, hotel stays, and $5,000 cash. Register today! We will let you know when the game begins.​​

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