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Conservation Pays

 November 2019

​Manatee Season has Begun

Friday, November 15th, marked the beginning of manatee season! As air and water temperature drop, manatees begin moving south toward warm-water refuges. Seasonal and manatee protection speed limit zones go into effect throughout the State. Broward County’s Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division implements the county’s manatee conservation program and cautions boaters to be on the lookout for greater numbers of manatee presence throughout the County’s waterways during the cooler months.


Sea Turtles!

Sea turtle nesting season is over until March. Broward County’s sea turtles were quite busy this season, laying a preliminary total of 3,338 nests. Among the 3,338 nests were 43 leatherback nests, 2,560 loggerhead nests, and a local record of 735 green turtle nests. Sea turtle nesting season lasts from March 1-October 31 each year. This photo shows green sea turtle finishing nesting in the early morning hours.

Sea Turtles

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