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Flood Conditions

Residents in Broward County, FL experience flooding from either heavy rainfall or high tides. During these events the drainage systems may reach capacity due to the amount of rainfall received or because our stormwater management is limited by downstream conditions, including sea levels. 


In recent years, increasing flood risks are being accounted for, as a result of sea level rise and other potential climate impacts. Projected higher sea levels – approximately 2ft increase by the year of 2060 – more intense rainfall events and elevated groundwater levels will result in reduced drainage capacity and more frequent flooding. Broward County is prioritizing a series of efforts to increase flood resilience.

 Broward County Normal Rainfall Graph

During this time and especially towards the end of the wet season, flooding risks are higher as accumulated rainfall raises the natural groundwater levels, resulting in less storage capacity for drainage.

Major rainfall events can also occur sporadically during the year such as the rainstorms in December 2009 that caused significant flooding in southeast Broward or the high January rains in 2016 that flooded much of South Florida.

Document the Floods ​ is a crowdsourcing map created from flooding data and images uploaded by our community.

Doing your part: Know the Flow