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Green Infrastructure

Stormwater management is an integral part of everyday life in Broward County … even when it’s not raining. With abundant rainfall and a relatively flat landscape, the infrastructure required for the treatment, storage and management of stormwater runoff is all around us — from neighborhood swales and ponds to lakes and canals. This infrastructure is a necessary facet of the landscape, which has traditionally been designed for the sole purpose of moving and treating stormwater.

As Broward has become built-out, urban densification and redevelopment activities have made innovative strategies to providing stormwater management increasingly necessary. These new approaches, often referred to as green techniques, help mimic natural processes and integrate stormwater management within the landscape to create multi-functional site designs.

These green technologies divert stormwater from traditional storm sewer systems to areas where it can be absorbed and treated by the soil and native vegetation. Designed to retain and treat water on site, these green technologies create water resource benefits that include enhanced aquifer recharge and stormwater recycling.​