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BHC News, Winter Edition

Source: Broward Housing Council

The Broward Housing Council’s quarterly newsletter, BHC News, for Winter 2016 has been published. The Winter edition highlights the BHC Annual Report, the new BHC Chair, Low Income Housing, Broward Homeless Initiative, 2016 Paycheck To Paycheck, Veteran's Housing Toolkit, funding opportunities and more. You can read the BHC News Winter 2016 edition online and subscribe to receive the quarterly newsletter emailed to you directly. More...


Where Do We Begin To Solve The Affordable Housing Problem? Here Are Some Suggestions

Source: Miami Herald

It is a universal rule of business, mathematics and life, that you cannot solve a problem unless you can define it. One of the biggest undefined and misunderstood problems affecting our community today is the state of housing affordability. The difficulty in defining the problem, and thereby developing solutions to address the housing affordability crisis is that the entire conversation becomes quickly politicized by syntax. Many people automatically shift gears from “housing affordability” to “subsidized housing” in the same breath. Some even go all the way to thinking affordable housing should solve homelessness (it won’t, the roots of homelessness are a different set of problems beyond the economics of shelter). Policy makers have added a new word to the lexicon in the past decade to avoid using the term affordable by labeling it “workforce housing.” You often hear the term “workforce housing” spoken in tandem with some of our most respected public servants like police, firefighters and teachers to engender community support and public urgency to address the problem because no one wants to envision a society without police officers or teachers. More...


There Doesn’t Go the Neighborhood: Low-Income Housing Has No Impact on Nearby Home Values

Source: Trulia

In the nation’s 20 least affordable housing markets, low-income housing built during a 10-year span shows no effect on nearby home values. Some of the nation’s least affordable markets are also ground zero for the fight against building affordable housing – which opponents say, among other things, depreciates nearby home values. Resistance to affordable housing development has surfaced in tight housing markets across the country such as San Francisco, New York, and Seattle. Given low inventory and high prices in these tight markets, we set out to uncover how much homeowners really have to fear. More...


The Great Rent Squeeze

Source: CityLab/Richard Florida

“The rent is too damn high” is more than a political slogan. It reflects the harsh reality of increasingly unaffordable housing in America today. Ever since the economic crisis of 2008, American has been in the midst of a “great housing reset”—a shift from home-ownership to renting. But it’s not just that home-ownership that’s become increasingly unaffordable. Renting has too. Between 2001 and 2014, the number of renters who spend more than half of their income on rent grew by more than 50 percent, from 7.5 million to 11.4 million renters. A new study by Denise DiPasquale and Michael Murray published in the Journal of Regional Science provides some answers for this growing rent squeeze. The study uses data from the U.S. Census and especially the Consumer Expenditure Survey to chart the share of income devoted to rent and other expenses over the past 80 or so years.  More...

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