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Commissioner's Monthly Message
August 2019

Dear Residents,

It is an honor and privilege to be your voice and to represent you, the citizens of our coastal and inland communities from Deerfield Beach to Fort Lauderdale. As your County Commissioner, I look forward to continuing to improve our resident’s quality of life by focusing on several key issues in our community. Here are some recent headlines from around the County.


ePermitsOneStop Ribbon Cutting

Broward County in partnership with the City of Pompano Beach recently launched a pilot program called ePermitsOneStop, a centralized website that allows customers to submit permitting applications and have those plans reviewed online for permits, licenses and approvals. This program will provide customers with a more efficient and convenient way to submit permit applications to both the County and the City in the same location. Ultimately saving the customer the time it would take to drive all the way to Broward County’s Government Center West in the City of Plantation. I’m excited for this pilot program to flourish in the City of Pompano Beach and I look forward to seeing this program implemented in other cities therefore creating more efficiencies in government and providing the best service to our customers. For more information, call Broward’s Environmental and Consumer Protection Division at 954-519-1260 or the City of Pompano Beach at 954-786-4670.


Fiscal Year 2020 Budget

Broward County’s recommended Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 budget is out and I’m excited to really dive into the County’s budget process!  In September, the Broward County Board of Commissioners will set the County-levied millage rate. Initial discussions were held in March of this year which was followed by a series of workshops that will culminate in two public hearings in September. The 1st Public Budget Hearing is September 10 and the 2nd is September 24 both at 5:01PM. 

The total proposed budget for FY20 is $5.57 billion, which covers all tax-supported and non-tax supported funds. Most important for our residents is mainly how much of a change they will see in their taxes. Property taxpayers will not see an increase in their County-levied millage rate as a result of this budget. But they may see an increase due to the increase in property values. The charts below depict changes for residential properties based on the FY20 total millage rate of 5.6690.

Other Residential Properties
*Based on the percent change in the average taxable value for all residential properties



Taxable Value



​Property Taxes



Change FY19 to FY20


Homestead Property with “Save Our Homes” Differential
*Based on the State-mandated 1.9% percent maximum increase in assessed value



Taxable Value



​Property Taxes



Change FY19 to FY20


As your County Commissioner, besides keeping the millage rate the same so that property owners do not have much of an increase in their property taxes, I also want to make sure funds are being used appropriately and mainly serving our community. Some of these critical county priorities that have been budgeted for are outlined below. 

Critical County Priorities:

  • Homelessness: Besides building on all the services the County already provides to individuals and families experiencing homelessness, in FY20 an additional $2.2 million to build upon last year’s effort in Fort Lauderdale by adding a second County’s contribution to the community partnership working to address homelessness in a way that reflects Broward County’s values and principles—2020’s effort will focus on Pompano Beach.
  • Affordable Housing: Continuing the efforts begun in FY2018 by adding $5 million to the already existing FY2020 funding of $5 million toward affordable housing partnerships across the county. 
  • Community Safety: Increasing funding for the Broward County Sheriff’s office by 5.5%, to allow for additional efforts centered on recruiting for the future, training for preparedness, and expansion of real time threat management capabilities; Additionally, this budget adds to safety resources for the Broward County park system, both at specific parks and at the park system in general by adding a park security program.
These are only a few of the priorities that have been included in the County’s FY20 budget and I’m extremely excited to be part of this process that helps provide for all the diverse needs in this county.

Broward County Animal Care Update

Animal Care Group Photo
​Left to Right: Lisa Hanron, volunteer, Susan Bates, volunteer, Lauralei Combs, Director, Commissioner Fisher, Mike Mullen’s, volunteer and Anthony Castaneda, Customer Service representative.
We have recently been contacted by residents all over Broward County regarding our Animal Care Center due to recent articles and social media pages that provide misinformation. Recently, I did a tour of our facility and I have met with both the Division and Department Director to discuss the community’s concerns and get a better understanding of the issues our center is facing. Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Division (ACAD) has made important progress with its lifesaving programs since the passing of Resolution 2012-271 by the Board of County Commissioners, and its stated intent of becoming a No-Kill Community. Animal Care adopted 47 more pets into new homes, as compared to last year for the month of June. Our Live Release Rate for June 2019 jumped to 78.85% as compared to last June 2018, at 60.28%!

ACAD is also proposing several new initiatives for FY20 that will only assist in our mission to become a no-kill county. Some of these initiatives include; Introducing a Pet Clinic at the Broward County Animal Shelter that is expected to be fully funded with revenues from activities, and that could provide for a mobile adoption and wellness unit if revenues are enough, and funding for eight on-going PT-19 kennel workers.

For more information please visit

Once again, I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your County Commissioner. Please sign up at to receive email updates from our office. You can also follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page. If there is anything that we can do to assist you with your vision for a better Broward, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 954-357-7004 or by email at

Best regards,

Lamar P. Fisher

County Commissioner
District 4