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Waste Disposal

Disposal Rates and Fees

The Broward County Landfill*
7101 SW 205th Avenue
Unincorporated Broward County, 33332

Hours: 8 AM-4 PM

Bulk Trash​ $40.00 per ton, $10 minimum
Construction and Demolition Material $40.00 per ton, $10 minimum
Yard Trash $50.00 per ton, $10 minimum
(rims less than 25 inches in diameter)​​
$110.00 per ton
Boats and Trailers, or Other Trailers $5.00 per foot
Mobile Homes $10.00 per foot
Waste Delivered in Passenger Vehicles
(bed of six feet in length or less)
$10.00 per vehicle
Weighing/Certifying Fee $6.00 per official weight
Additional Service Hours Actual Cost plus 50%
Duplication of Weigh Tickets $3.00 per ticket
Delinquent Fee (authorized credit accounts only) 1.5% per month of delinquent amount due
Dishonored Checks (authorized credit accounts only) $25 on checks up to $49.99; $30 on checks between $50.00 and $299.99; $40 or 5% (whichever is greater) on checks $300.00 and above.
Reinstatement of Charge Privileges $150 for Non-payment and Insufficient Security Deposit

*As of October 1, 2015

Solid Waste Management Facilities Licensing and Fees