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Environmental Engineering and Permitting

Broward CountyEnvironmental Engineering and Permitting




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Celebrate Zero Emissions Day(ZeDay)

ZeDay is celebrated globally on September 21st to reduce our use of fossil fuels. The goal is to "give the planet one day off a year." Reducing our fossil fuel use has many benefits including:

Celebrate ZeDay with us by reducing your electric consumption, riding your bike to the park or to the grocery store, and by using solar cell phone chargers. 

Share how you celebrated ZeDay with us on social media.

Electronic Submittal of Environmental Complaints

Reporting environmental complaints in Broward County can now be done conveniently from your tablet, computer, and cell phone.

Environmental complaints that can be reported online include:

  • Tree Abuse or Tree Removal
  • Air Quality Concerns
  • Smoking Vehicles
  • Discharging Wastewater to Ground or Storm Drains
  • Discharging Pollutants Into storm drains
  • Impacts to Mangroves, Wetlands, Reefs, and other Natural Resources