Solid Waste And Recycling Services

Event Cancellation for Washington Park

We regret to announce that the Washington Park Community Cleanup, scheduled for November 4, 2017 at Lafayette Hart Park, has been canceled due to Hurricane Irma. The next Washington Park Community Cleanup event is scheduled for January 13, 2018. You can find the full schedule of upcoming Community Cleanup events here.

Resident's Guide to Disaster Debris Removal after Hurricane Irma

Broward County and Solid Waste and Recycling Services (SWRS) hope all of our residents are safe after the storm. SWRS plays a major role in the cleanup efforts after efforts after hurricanes or other disasters that generate large amounts of debris. Among the services we provide are oversight of temporary debris management sites and debris management administrative services. Click here for guidelines on how to prepare your debris for pickup now that the hurricane is over

Remember, hurricane season runs until November 30th. You can read the complete list of hurricane preparation guidelines here. ​​​