Open Burning
Open Burning Regulations

In Broward County, open burning is regulated under Broward County Code of Ordinances Chapter 27, Article IX and the Florida Administrative Code. The Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department (EPGMD), Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division (EEPD) requires notification prior to conducting approved open burning for specific activities. EPGMD notification requirements do not relieve any person from obtaining additional authorizations to conduct open burning from the Florida Division of Forestry, local fire authorities or other applicable regulatory agencies. EPGMD requirements may not be construed to allow open burning which violates other laws, rules, regulations or ordinances.

Allowed and Prohibited Open Burning

The following open burning activities are allowed:

  • Municipal, industrial, commercial or essential research project burning
  • An emergency requiring immediate action to protect human health and safety
  • Instruction and/or training of organized fire fighters
  • A camp fire, bonfire, or other fire used solely for recreational purposes, for ceremonial occasions, or for outdoor noncommercial preparation of food as long as excessive smoke and a nuisance is not created. Approval must be obtained from the appropriate fire authority
  • Open Burning of Hurricane Debris or vegetative debris generated by a natural disaster

The following open burning activities are prohibited:

  • Burning of yard trash and/or household paper products generated on occupied residential premises.
  • Burning of tires, rubber material, bunker C residual oil, asphalt, roofing material, tar, railroad, cross ties, creosoted lumber, plastics, or garbage.
  • Burning of waste pesticide containers.
  • Burning of waste and/or asbestos-containing material generated by demolition of a structure.
  • Land clearing vegetative debris burning.
  • Animal carcass burning.
  • Pile burning.

Open Burning General Requirements

  • No open burning will be allowed less than 300 feet from any occupied building and/or business unless a waiver is obtained from all occupants residing in the building (see below for waiver form). Earthern Pit Open burning
  • No open burning will be allowed less than 150 feet from any public highway.
  • Distance requirements do not apply to the instruction/training of firefighters.
  • For air curtain incinerator(s), burning must meet a setback distance of 1000 feet or more from any occupied building. An exception to allow a setback distance of not less than 300 feet shall be granted if the owner or operator obtains a waiver from all affected residents or building occupants.
  • Allowed open burning is restricted to the site where the material to be burned was generated and may not be transported to another property to be burned, with the exception of vegetative debris generated by a natural disaster, or for recreational camp fires or bonfires.

Anyone wishing to conduct open burning activities closer than 300 feet from an occupied building and/or business is required to submit a “Statement Waiving Rights To Object To An Open Burn Activity” (see below) from all building occupants, or business owners, as applicable, waiving their right to object to the open burn activity.

Open Burning Notification Requirements

Only the following allowed open burning activities require submittal of an open burn notification form:

  1. Municipal, industrial, commercial, and research open burning
  2. Operation of air curtain incinerator(s)
  3. Fire fighter instruction/training that involves burning of a structure not at a certified fire training center

Forms, Documents and Other Information

For questions regarding open burning activities or other information not addressed here, please contact the Broward County Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division - Air Monitoring and Outreach Section at 954-519-1483.​​