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FLL AmbassaDogs



Passengers love seeing warm, wet noses, and wagging tails that create a friendly, positive airport experience.
Introduced in 2013, FLL AmbassaDogs are volunteer therapy dog and handler teams that roam terminals and concourses visiting passengers awaiting flights.
Air travel is often stressful, and a therapy dog at the airport​ may provide comfort to passengers preparing for a flight. Studies find that interacting with a therapy dog has numerous benefits to human health and well-being. Simply petting a dog can lower people’s blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Certification and Training

AmbassaDogs are certified Therapy Dogs, and their handlers complete classroom and in-terminal training to learn about FLL. Handlers comply with their registering agencies’ policies and procedures, as well as airport volunteer policies and procedures. Handlers submit to a background check, are fingerprinted, and badged.
AmbassaDogs T​eams 
Dog’s Name​ ​HandlerRegistration Organization
​Phoebe      Kyra​Alliance of Therapy Dogs
​PatriciaTherapy Dogs International
​Lisa​​Alliance of Therapy Dogs
​Canine Assisted Therapy
​Berte​Karen​Canine Assisted Therapy
​Ripley​Teresa​Canine Assisted Therapy
Each team works one weekly shift of one to two hours in a terminal.






Application Process 

1. Complete the FLL AmbassaDogs Dog Handler Application (PDF) and submit it online.  

2. Print and complete these forms: 

3. Email the completed forms as attachments to
    Or mail them to:

    FLL AmbassaDogs
    Broward County Aviation Department
    320 Terminal Drive, Suite 200
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 


For additional information, contact​ ​​​​