Counterpoints - Celebrating 40 Years of Public Art

​​​​​play-forces.jpgA two-month photography exhibition, open to the public April and May 2017

gallery six, Broward County Main Library, 6th Floor, 100 S. Andrews Ave.

To commemorate 40 years of Broward's Public Art & Design program in 2016, local dancers were photographed performing in front of public artworks throughout the County.

Every month, throughout the year powerful visuals emerged full of color, movement and art, resulting in a dozen unique, artistic combinations documented by photographers Tabatha Mudra and Eileen Escarda.

This exhibition, Counterpoints: Forty Years of Public Art, is a compilation of those images. Broward County's Public Art & Design program is dedicated to enhancing airports, seaports, roadways, libraries, parks and other County buildings through art.

Over the past 40 years, the program has grown a collection of more than 260 artworks that include sound and light art, kinetic designs, sculptures, murals, traditional artworks and mixed mediums.

Forces of Nature



Public Artwork: Michele Oka Doner

Location: Port Everglades

Dance Company: Miami City Ballet

Photographer: Tabatha Mudra​


Untitled by Chermayeff

Untitled by Ivan Chermayeff with  Paco Huerta Ballet Folklorico Azteca.  Photographer: Tabatha Mudra Photography


Public Artwork: Untitled by Ivan Chermayeff

Location: Broward Main Library

Dance Company: Paco Huerta Ballet Folklorico Azteca

Photographer: Tabatha Mudra 


Sailfish in Three Stages of Ascending


Public Artwork: Sailfish in Three Stages of Ascending by Kent Ullberg

Location: Broward Convention Center

Dance Company: Angeles Gitanos Flamenco Dance Studio

Photographer: Eileen Escarda

Vendor with Walkman


Public Artwork: Vendor with Walkman by Duane Hanson

Location: Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport
Photographer: Tabatha Mudra



Welcome To Sunrise


Public Artwork: Welcome To Sunrise by Cushy Gigs

Muralists: Hoxxoh, Abstrk, Atomik, Astre74, Angel Five, Erin O’Dea, Quake, Max Arive, Tati Suarez, Brandon Opalka, Luis Berros, & Rage Johnson. 

Dance Company: Pablo Malco / Developing Dreams Foundation Inc 

Photographer: Tabatha Mudra



Vanishing View


Vanishing View by Alison Sky.

Public Artwork: Vanishing View by Alison Sky

Location: Miramar Cultural Center 

Dance Company:  Polynesian Culture Association

Photographer: Eileen Escarda


Flying Saucer Grove

Flying Saucer Grove by Martha Schwartz


Public Artwork: Flying Saucer Grove by Martha Schwartz


Location: BB&T Center


Dance Company: Coral Springs Chinese Cultural Association, Inc


Photographer: Eileen Escarda



Whirls and Swirls and a Vortex of Water

Whirls and Swirls and a Vortex of Water by Alice Aycock

Public Artwork: Whirls and Swirls and a Vortex of Water by Alice Aycock


Location: Central Broward Regional Park


Dance Company: Ballet Brika West African Dance Theater


Photographer: Tabatha Mudra



Festival Daze

Festival Daze by Gary Moore.

Public Artwork: Festival Daze by Gary Moore


Location: Shirley Branca Park


Dance Company: Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida

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Photographer: Eileen Escarda



Fort Lauderdale Airport Sculpture

Fort Lauderdale Airport Sculpture by David Lee Brown

Public Artwork: Fort Lauderdale Airport Sculpture by David Lee Brown


Location:  Fort Lauderdale Airport Greenbelt Park


Dance Company: Jayadevi Arts Inc.


Photographer: Tabatha Mudra



I Love You

I Love You by Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar

Public Artwork: I Love You by Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar


Location: Young at Art Museum 


Dance Company: South Florida Lindy Collective


Photographer: Eileen Escarda



Accordant Zones

I Love You by Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar

Public Artwork: Accordant Zones by Barbara Neijna and Ned Smyth, 1994


Location: Broward Judicial Complex


Dance Company: Body and Soul Dance Theatre


Photographer: Tabatha Mudra



The program is dedicated to enhancing the urban environment through the creation of commissioned works of art that create a “Sense of Place,” improve Broward County’s visual environment and advance the mission of County agencies within which the artworks are located. Visit to view the entire Broward Public Art collection (click on Public Art & Design Tour).