Dismantling Racism

The Broward County Commission is committed to eliminating systemic racism and achieving racial equity in our community. History shows that a culture of racism in a community negatively impacts the lives of residents, permitting race to become a primary predictor of health, social, education, criminal justice and other life outcomes including income and employment. 

Police and Criminal Justice Review Board 

This 24-member Board was created by Ordinance 2020- 18 and adopted by the Broward County Commission in December 2020. To date, 20 members have been appointed. 

The Board will: 

  • Gather and publish data on police use of force and misconduct 
  • Identify and report on systemic issues related to policing and the criminal justice system
  • Recommend solutions for solving issues identified 

Members were nominated by a broad spectrum of community organizations and associations, including NAACP, Black Lives Matter and the faith community, as well as representatives of the legal, court and law enforcement community. Find future meeting times and dates here.​

Racial Equity Task Force

This 37-member Task Force was created by Ordinance 2020-47, adopted by the Broward County Commission in 2020. To date, 33 members have been appointed and two meetings have been held. The Task Force serves in an advisory capacity to the County Commission and will: 

  • Identify systemic and institutional racial inequities 
  • Recommend policies to eliminate racism and create greater racial equity 
  • Educate the public, governments, businesses and community organizations about racial equity 
  • Establish benchmarks and accountability measures 

Members come from a broad cross-section of the community, including those negatively impacted by systemic racism, as well as those individuals and organizations who have demonstrated a commitment to eliminating it. The term for each member is two years from the date of appointment. Find future meetings and agendas here

Equity and Community Investment Section 

Equity and Community Investment (ECI) works to augment and advance the Human Services (HSD) Department Dismantling Racism Initiative (DRI) and to centralize and expand its community investment efforts. ECI seeks to normalize, operationalize, and institutionalize the DRI’s multilayered efforts and instill them across all HSD divisions. Additionally, ECI collaborates with agencies and community partners to align and coordinate racial equity efforts across the county. ECI embeds equity in internal and external funding opportunities and in partnership development as it centralizes and coordinates community investment commitments and activities across divisions and the community. These include HSD’s granting functions, external grant application activities, nonprofit capacity building and technical assistance, community engagement and the Department’s University Student Practicum Program. For more information, email EquityandCommunityInvestment@broward.org 

Educational Opportunities 

Broward County employees are regularly given the opportunity to attend a Racial Equity Virtual Workshop facilitated by the Racial Equity Institute. The workshop helps employees understand how institutions and systems are producing unjust and inequitable outcomes and outlines how a person’s race is a primary indicator and predictor of health, social, education, criminal justice and other outcomes.​​​​​