Building Permits



​ALL submittals requiring Development & Environmental Review will only be accepted electronically through ePermits OneStop

For buildings located in unincorporated Broward County or in a city we contract with, a permit is required for a wide variety of construction, remodeling and repair work, including:

Residential Permits

Single Family Homes


Multi-Residential Apartment Buildings


Commercial Permits​

Manufacturing Plants




Accessory Permits

Air Conditioning (installation or replacement)

Burglar Alarms




Permanent Generators (residential and commercial)

Hurricane Shutters

Lawn Sprinklers

Low-Voltage Electric (includes cable, telephone, internet installations, burglar, fire alarm systems, landscape lighting)

Pools (residential)

Propane Gas Tank Systems

Reroofs/ Roof Repairs

Screen Enclosures


Water Heaters (installation or replacement)

Window/Door Replacement​


Many cities in Broward County have their own requirements for permitting and also issue permits to their residents. Please contact the office of the city​​​ where your building is located to determine if you should get your permit from them.

Although a homeowner may apply for a homeowner-builder permit, doing so places all liability for damages or injury on the homeowner, who is also responsible for making sure the work is done according to applicable state and local laws and regulations. We highly recommend that you hire a qualified contractor who is licensed by either Broward County or the state of Florida to perform the specific type of work you need. If work is performed without first obtaining a permit, the building owner will be responsible for paying a fine. In addition, the building owner may be required to pay for the approval of the work by a professional engineer or pay to have it dismantled, demolished and/or redone.

Broward County's Planning and Development Management Division​ ensures that the regional impacts of a proposed development comply with the Broward County Land Development Code and Broward County Natural Resource Protection Code. For applicable building permits, our office will not issue the building permit prior to receipt of proof of payment for impact fees and a copy of the final Planning and Development Management Review approval. For further information concerning the review of construction plans for impact/concurrency fees or environmental concerns, call 954-357-6666. Save time and avoid the lines, traffic and paper trail with the new one-stop ePermits process. Click here​ for more information.

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