Renew Your License
Renewing Online, by Mail or In Person​


We mail renewal forms approximately 60 days before the August 31 expiration date. You will receive a form for each Certificate of Competency you have. Please return the form(s) by the August 31 deadline! Renewals received after August 31 are considered delinquent and subject to late charges:

$30 for the first month

$15 for each additional month

You can renew online, via US Mail or FAX: 954-765-4574

Please make sure:​

Personal Information​: All license holders must complete the personal information section.

​Address Changes Include any applicable address change(s) and mark the checkbox as indicated. PO Box numbers are not accepted.

Email: A valid email address must be provided.

Business Information: All qualifiers of Business must complete the business information section. If you are inactive (not qualifying a business), you must still renew your Certificate of Competency and pay the renewal fee in order to keep your Certificate current. Some Boards have an inactive fee. If you are inactive, you may not pull a perm​it or sign a contract. A Journeyman may not contract jobs and may only perform work in their trade while under the supervision and direction of a Certified Contractor.​ If there are any changes other than contact information, please submit a change of status (Requires Board approval)​.

You may pay by credit card online or if paying by check, make your check payable to Broward County Board of County Commissioners. Do not send cash.

Please keep in mind you must come into our office for a new photo ID Certificate of Competency card every 4 years. (Plumbing Board requires all plumbing license holders to get a new photo ID Card each renewal cycle.)​

Additional documents needed for active businesses:

You must submit proof that your company maintains an active status with the Florida Division of Corporations

A copy of your state registration (if applicable)

Certificates showing completion of required hours of continuing education

  • State: submit as required with state registration
  • General, Specialty and Engineering Contractors: 4 hours of continuing education, including Chapter 9 Broward County Code Review. List of schools
  • Inactive: continuing education not required

In order to qualify a business, you must submit proof of insurance with minimum coverage of $300,000 for public liability and $50,000 for property damage. The certificates must be issued in the name of the applicant and include the name(s) of qualifying agent(s). Certificate holder on the Certificate of Liability must read:

Broward County

Building Code ​Division
2307 W. Broward Boulevard, Suite 300

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Send an ​email to


  • If you are making changes in the Business Information Section, a Change of Status form must be submitted. Complete the form and return to the Board Technician. Once your submit your paperwork, you will be advised if you must appear before the Board.
  • Renewal of multiple Engineering certificates (4 or more category 1 through 3) have a maximum fee of $430 (2 or more in category 4) have a maximum fee of $430.
  • If a replacement of any original renewal or Certificate of Competency card is needed, a $35 fee is required. You must include a notarized letter requesting replacement and indicate the reason for replacement.
  • You must notify us in writing within 30 days of any change of address. Failure to renew may result in a re-examination before a Certificate of Competency​ will be issued.
  • In the event a family member receives a renewal form for a deceased license holder, please return the form with a copy of the death certificate and we will cancel the file. The license does not belong to a company and may not be used by another individual for any construction purposes.

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