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Construction Management Division

​​​​​​​​​​​​Construction Management Division (CMD) manages innovative, sustainable building design and construction projects for the Broward County Public Works Department. It is comprised of a team of dedicated construction industry professionals consisting of architects, engineers, general contractors and technical support staff. This team strategically plans, develops, and manages the Coun​ty's capital improvement projects for new vertical construction and large renovation projects for County governmental facilities.

CMD's duties include master planning, programming, oversight of architectural design, and construction of projects for all County agencies except for the Seaport, Airport, Transportation and Parks. They are responsible for building courthouses, offices for county agencies, libraries, fire stations, community services centers, maintenance buildings and a variety of governmental facilities that serve the residents of Broward County. 

Broward County is committed to transparency. This website ensures that our residents have open and easy access to information regarding our projects. We encourage you to stay connected by visiting this site often.​

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