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Consumer Protection

  • We administer, regulate and enforce county, state and federal consumer protection laws and rules involving unfair or deceptive trade practices and offer information and referral involving consumer issues
  • We will investigate and mediate your complaint if you feel you are a victim of an unfair or deceptive trade practice by a business located in Broward County or involving a service performed in Broward County.
  • We also issue citations against a variety of businesses, including auto repair shops, auto body/paint shops, taxicabs, limousines, transport vans, chauffeurs, kosher food sellers and movers operating in violation of county ordinances.

Environmental Protection

We investigate violations of Chapter 27 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances, also known as the Natural Resource Protection Code. Generally, these are activities that could potentially impact the air, waters, soils, or natural resources of Broward County.

Child Care Licensing

If you have a complaint about a child care program in Broward County, please contact Child Care Licensing and Enforcement at (954) 357-4800 or please fill out the Child Care Licensing and Enforcement Complaint Form​.​

Conversion Therapy

To file a Conversion Therapy complaint call 954-357-4800. For more information, download this Informational Guide to Conversion Therapy.​​​​​​​​​​

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