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Auto Repair

Auto repair is one of the most common consumer services. Broward County's Auto Repair Regulatory Ordinances and the Florida Motor Vehicle Repair Act were enacted to protect consumers.

Per the Broward County Code of Ordinances, we regulate motor vehicle repair, body, structural, and/or paint facilities. Any person or entity performing auto repair, body repair, restoration, reconstruction, rebuilding, painting, refinishing or repainting of motor vehicles for compensation, or as part of a regularly conducted business located in Broward County, must get and maintain a license from us. Among other requirements, a shop must employ at least 1 certified technician in the category for which the facility is licensed. Technicians must have certification issued by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, or local certification issued by the American Advanced Technicians Institute Corporation. Additionally, a person or entity may not advertise auto body shop services without maintaining a current license.

These regulations were enacted to protect the life, health, safety, property and welfare of Broward County residents and visitors. The purpose is to provide a uniform system for licensing and regulating businesses that repair, rebuild, restore, paint and refinish motor vehicles for compensation. By also ensuring proper handling of hazardous wastes generated by the repair and painting of motor vehicles, we protect the atmosphere and water supply in Broward County.

New shops must comply with licensing requirements before they advertise or open for business. The annual license period runs from October 1st thru September 30th of the following year. We randomly inspect shops annually.​​

Applying for or Renewing an Auto Repair Shop License

You must provide the following:

  1. Completed application
  2. License fee of $275
  3. County business tax receipt
  4. City business tax receipt (if applicable)
  5. Hazardous material license or other documentation
  6. Garage liability and garage keeper’s legal liability certificates of insurance
  7. Hazardous waste manifest (within 6 months)
  8. Certified technician application
  9. Corporation or fictitious name documents


  • Application packets will be accepted by email, at, or by fax, at 954-765-5309, along with the required payment.  Payment can be made by credit card using the Credit Card Authorization Form.
  • Certificates of insurance must list Broward County as a certificate holder and must provide at least 30 days advance notice of cancellation.
  • At least one technician with ASE or AATI certification must submit a certified technician application along with the shop license application. All technicians, trainees and lube and tire employees must be registered.
  • A copy of the articles of incorporation or, if operating under a fictitious name, current fictitious name registration issued by the Florida Division of Corporations must be submitted.
  • Licenses expire annually on September 30th.

Applying for or Renewing an Auto Repair Shop Technician, Trainee or Lube and Tire License

You must provide the following:

  1. Completed application
  2. License fee of $75 for certified technician
  3. License fee of $30 for a trainee
  4. Copies of ASE or AATI Certificates for certified technicians


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