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About Us / Who We Are:

Enforcement Administration is empowered by various County Ordinances and State Statutes to address violations of the Codes and to compel compliance. We resolve the most serious of environmental violations, track and take-action to collect penalties, negotiate settlement agreements and restitution, and handle matters that require quasi-judicial administrative or judicial hearings. 

We also  provide support for the enforcement of the Department's compliance tracking database system (POSSE) and the electronic search engine (ENVIROS); that the public can use to search the status of an enforcement action. 

The support functions we perform allow Divisions to dedicate more time to other operational and regulatory functions such as conducting inspections, issuing licenses, and performing outreach services.

Search Enforcement Actions or review Enforcement Files:

The easiest way to electronically search for the status of an enforcement action, such as a Warning Notice, Citation, Notice of Violation, or Notice of Intent to File Suit issued after October 1, 2001, is to visit our online ENVIROS database.  

To search if a facility or location has an environmental enforcement action, visit the ENVIROS site, select the “Advanced Enforcement Action” and input the address in the appropriate fields.  You can also use ENVIROS to view Child Care Licensing inspections, check for contractor permits/licenses and outstanding liens. To schedule an enforcement file review at our office, call 954-519-1210.

Agencies We Support:

Environmental Protection

(a) Air Quality
(b) Contaminated Sites
(c) Domestic Wastewater
(d) Hazardous Materials 
(e) Manatee Protection 
(f) Non-Domestic Wastewater / NPDES 
(g) Storage Tanks 
(h) Surface Water Management 
(i) Tree Preservation 
(j) Wellfield 
(k) Wetland and Aquatic Resources 

Consumer Protection

(l) Auto Body / Paint
(m) Auto repair
(n) Chauffeur
(o) Child Care Food Service
(p) Child Care Licensing
(q) Movers
(r) Towing
(s) Vehicle for Hire

Building Code Services

(t) Building Code
(u) Unsafe Structures
(v) Licensed Contractors
(w) Unlicensed Contractors

How are we doing?

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