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Targeted Recruitment

Broward County wants to increase working with local businesses. The Office of Economic and Small Business Development (OESBD) is actively seeking local small businesses for numerous Broward County procurement opportunities. We are recruiting businesses that provide goods and services which the County buys to get certified in our local small business programs. Special efforts are being made to identify local firms in categories where few firms are currently certified through targeted recruitment initiatives.

Current Targeted Recruitment for Certification ​​

Broward County is looking for vendors!

Vendors are needed for various County contracts. If interested, follow these simple steps:

Step One: REGISTER​ as a Broward County Vendor in

Step Two: GET CERTIFIED in Broward County's two programs for local small businesses, if eligible. 

Step Three: REVIEW open solicitations in Periscope S2G.

Step Four: SUBMIT A BID!

We can guide you through the process step-by-step! We'll assist you with Periscope S2G registration and completing your certification application. One-on-one technical assistance is available at our office located at the Broward County Governmental Center, 115 S. Andrews Ave., Annex Bldg., Room A680, Fort Lauderdale.  

>>>FEATURED RECRUITMENTS: We are actively seeking firms that can provide the following products / services:

  • Color-Wide Format Printer
  • Headset Repair and Maintenance
  • Man Lift Repair Services
  • Well Column Pipe
Apply for certification today if your business can provide the above. 

Do you provide training and consulting services?

The County is actively recruiting firms for certification and wants to increase the number of certified firms available to provide an array of learning and development opportunities. Training areas include, but are not limited to: Airport Security Awareness, Water Distribution, Pump Repair and Maintenance, all areas of Leadership Development, Team Building, Adaptability, Analytical / Strategic Planning, Business Writing, Collaboration, Communication, Conflict, Critical Thinking, Continuous Improvement, Customer Focus, Effective Meetings, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Managing Change, Mentoring, Mindfulness, Motivation, Organizational Skills, Performance Evaluations and Management, Project Planning and Management, Results Focus, Supervisory Skills, Teams and Team Building, Time Management, and Workforce Development, among other areas. View the Vendor Selection and Certification Process.

If you are not certified, now is the time to get certified as a SBE/CBE. 

On-Going Targeted Recruitment:

We are recruiting the following types of vendors for small business certification:

  • Ambulance Services: Emergency Ambulance service providers for a revenue contract with an estimated term of five years.​​
  • Architectural & Engineering Consulting: A&E consulting firms to provide comprehensive professional services for various projects in support of the Economic Development Program for the Broward Municipal Services District (EDP-BMSD) within the geographical area known as the BMSD.
  • Auto Repair: Service providers including air conditioning, engine repair (gas and diesel), glass replacement/repair, oil change and lube, radiator repair, upholstery maintenance/repair and more for work to be performed at various Broward County Fleet Services locations and at vendor sites for potential contract opportunities valued at approximately $100K per year.
  • Background Checks: Providers of background check services to include out of state background checks, driver's license checks and vehicle/traffic offenses for potential contract opportunities previously budgeted at approximately $36K per year. 
  • Baggage Carousel Replacement Hardware: Maintenance and parts suppliers for baggage carousel at airport. Estimated project value is approximately $42K.
  • Belting for Baggage Conveyor System: Providers of belting necessary to the airport for the transport of luggage to and from aircrafts. Estimated project value is approximately $67K. 
  • Car Wash Detailing Services: Car Wash Detailing Services for County Vehicles on Broward County Property and external County locations upon request. Estimated project value is approximately $40K.
  • Catering: Service providers for various contract opportunities such as a recently award bid of $97K for breakfast, lunch and dinner service.
  • Computer Products: Vendors who can provide various computers and associated peripherals.
  • Crane Related: Suppliers and service providers for cranes and crane-related solicitations
  • Delineators: Suppliers of delineators for use by various County agencies
  • Filter Media (Sand): Furnish and deliver new Filter Media for Reuse Plant, Parkson Dynasand or approved equal. Estimated value: $40K. 
  • Forklifts: Provide and deliver new (not used or refurbished) forklift or approved equal for moving equipment and materials. Recently awarded bid valued at $33K.
  • Furniture: Vendors who supply furniture and provide furniture installation services such as office furniture, including Ergonomic, recreational furniture, modular work stations and modular panel systems for potential contract opportunities of varying amounts.​
  • Generators: Suppliers of Mobile Generators for use at various Broward County Agencies. Recently awarded bid valued at $96K.
  • Grills: Suppliers of various types of grills for the Parks and Recreation Division. Potential contract opportunity valued at $15K.
  • Hay and Feed for Animals: Suppliers of Hay and Feed for Farm Animals for the Parks and Recreation Division and various other Broward County agencies. Potential contract opportunities valued at $75K per year. 
  • Heavy Equipment: Suppliers of various large scale equipment
  • Herbicides and Surfactants: Suppliers of Herbicides and Surfactants for Water and Wastewater Services operational use. Potential contract opportunities valued at $140K per year. 
  • Janitorial Services: Providers of janitorial services at various County locations.
  • Landscaping: Providers of landscaping services at various County locations. Historically contracts have exceeded $20 million over the past five years. 
  • Pest Control Services: Providers of services using a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for general pest control services as well as additional services for bed bugs at various locations throughout the County. Estimated contract value is $108,000.
  • Referee / OfficiatingService providers for football and softball games played at one or more Broward County sites for potential contract opportunities previously budgeted at approximately $29K per year.  
  • Towing: Service providers for 40' Broward County Transit buses for potential contract opportunities with an estimated project value of approximately $735K.
  • Trees / Plants: Furnish and install plants and landscaping materials at various County locations. Estimated value $378K. 
  • Vibration Data Collection / Analysis: Collect data, provide vibration analysis, interpretation services and reports on a monthly basis. Estimated value $102K. 
  • Welcome Signs / Canopies: Provide services for structural and electrical design as well as installation. Estimated Value: $120K. 

Check back often for recruitment initiatives for your business and share this information with your peers and colleagues.

 For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact the OESBD Community Relations and Outreach section at 954-357-6400 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​