Broward Environmental Remediation Times

​​​​​​​The Broward Environmental Remediation Times (BERT) newsletter addressed regulatory updates, technical issues, and announcements associated with the assessment and cleanup of contaminated sites in Broward County. The newsletter was retired in 2022. Most recent editions are available here.

Broward Environmental Remediation Times ​Newsletters

Fall 2021
  • ​The Soil ​​ Vapor Extraction Surface Seal

  • Tables, Figures, and Their Review ​ Oh My!

  • Announcements

Summer 2021
  • SRCO Database Issues

  • FDEP Draft Changes to the Institutional Control Procedures Guidance

  • Expediting the Processing of Restrictive Covenants for Conditional Closure

  • Event Announcements​

​Spring 2021​​

  • Project Initiation and the SRCO

  • Soil Disposal Documentation

  • Event Announcements​

Winter 2020

  • PFAS – Emerging Contaminants of Concern:
    A New Update

  • PFAS in Air Emissions

  • Event Announcements​

​Autumn 2020 
  • Update to Benzo(a)pyrene Soil Alternative Cleanup Target Level for the Residential Direct Exposure Scenario

  • Revised ATC Payment of Subcontractors Documentation Procedures

  • Monitoring Well Transfer Agreement​

Summer 2020
  • Discussion- Performance of In Situ Chemical Oxidation Remediation Technology

  • Well Permits

  • Brownfield Annual Report

  • Event Announcements

Spring 2020
  • ​Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Remediation Trailer Safety During Windstorms

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection Updates

  • Broward County Brownfields Report